Northants Council launches scrutiny taskforce

Originally published via About My Area.

Northamptonshire County Council is continuing its plans to radically improve governance and decision making in the authority as its new taskforce responsible for overseeing decisions meets for the first time (Wednesday 24th October 2018).

The Overview & Scrutiny Committee is responsible for carrying out the authority’s statutory scrutiny functions and allows non-executive councillors to influence the development of policies and to hold to account decision-makers.

It follows direct advice from the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) to improve decision making and is designed to ensure swift action is taken to implement advice as set out in their report.

The Committee consists of 15 councillors from all political parties to scrutinise key decisions in the authority, and will focus on the delivery of the council’s current savings plans and future budget proposals.

Members will scrutinise the council’s plans for improvement, emerging savings proposals outlined in the Stabilisation Plan, and the relevant equalities impact assessments whilst monitoring in-year budget performance.

Leader of the council, Cllr Matt Golby said: “The report by CfPS makes it clear that the council’s overview and scrutiny function was no longer fit for purpose and it’s vital we tackle the challenges in Northamptonshire head on to make sure public services are financially sustainable for the future.

“Members from all political parties are represented to reflect the political balance of the council and work together to assess major risks to the authority and ensuring the right decisions are made for residents across the county.”

Items to be discussed at the first meeting include proposals on the commissioning of learning disability services, measures around the collection of business rates and council tax, and to identify and consider further topics for scrutiny.


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