Made In Chelsea stars bringing their ‘Private Parts’ to Corby this weekend

Originally published via Northants Telegraph.

Reality TV stars Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle are bringing their Private Parts Live tour to the Core at Corby Cube tomorrow (Saturday).

The two gents are treading the boards with their live theatre show from their hit podcast Private Parts and will be baring all in front of a near sell-out crowd on Saturday (November 3).

The pair have promised to share all the intimate and sordid details of their private lives, including gossip from both on and off the screen from Bafta-winning Made in Chelsea.

Audiences are in for an extra-special performance as Jamie celebrates his 30th birthday live on stage in Corby.

The pair spoke to Corby Radio earlier this week and the station has shared its interview with the Northants Telegraph, with Francis revealing what people can expect from Private Parts Live:

– Should some things always be kept private?

Francis: “I think so, definitely.

“I have a private life and like to keep it that way.

“But Jamie thinks that you should share everything in life, so we have very different views.

“Jamie tells all sorts of sordid stories. He likes sharing and over-sharing, and sometimes does on my behalf.

“Which makes for a great show.”

– Is anything off limits?

“I think when people come to the show they will clearly see that.”

– Why are you touring Private Parts?

Francis: “It’s a comedy show which has been adapted from our lives on Made and Chelsea and everything in between.

“There’s sketches, stand-up comedy and improvisation, all about our private lives on and off the screen.

“Our Private Parts podcast has had some phenomenal success which has really snowballed over the past year.”

– What’s it like performing on stage? Francis: “This is the first time both Jamie and I have done anything like this. “We’re not trained actors or stand-up comedians.

“It’s been a huge adrenaline rush. There’s something intoxicating about performing to a live audience and making people laugh.

“I’ve never experienced that before. “Every time I come off stage I just want to go back on and do it all over again. “We’re both hooked.”

– Have you been to Corby before?

Francis: “I think so. “I’ve definitely driven through it.

“We’ve been talking about coming to Corby a lot and we’re looking forward to it.

“Jamie and I have performed the show in venues across the country and it’s been really well received.”

– What can audiences expect?

Francis: “More than a laugh a minute, definitely. “When we started off, it was probably a laugh every two minutes, but now it’s every 30 seconds.

“Even if people haven’t watched Made in Chelsea or don’t know who we are, they should come to the show and give it a go. “It’s a funny way to spend a Saturday evening.

“It’s Jamie’s 30th Birthday on Saturday and he’s very self-conscious about it, so everyone should come along and tell him how wrinkly he looks.”

– Tomorrow’s performance is one of your last. Do you have plans for another tour?

Francis: “This was our first tour and no one was really expecting anything.

“We hoped it would it do well, and we’re so happy with how it’s going.

“It’s been an amazing experience travelling up and down the country for this show and it won’t be the last time.

“We’re both already thinking up new ideas.

“But right now we’re focussed on Corby and making sure people have a great time tomorrow evening.”

Private Parts Live is at The Core at Corby Cube on Saturday (November 3) at 7.30pm. Tickets available at



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